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Deep Seabed Mining Lacks Social Legitimacy

The impacts of deep seabed mining on people have not been sufficiently researched or addressed. Using a legitimacy framework, authors discuss the social-equity dimensions of this emerging industry in the ocean commons.

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Public Participation in the Governance of Deep-Seabed Mining in the Area

Deep-seabed mining in the Area is regulated by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) which is mandated to act on behalf of humankind as a whole. Consistent with international environmental law and human rights norms, in its decision making the ISA is expected to engage with its broad constituency. Using ten assessment criteria, this paper analyses the extent to which the ISA has facilitated public participation to date.

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Thresholds in Deep-seabed Mining: A Primer for Their Development

The establishment of thresholds is integral to environmental management. This paper introduces the use of thresholds in the context of deep-seabed mining, a nascent industry for which an exploitation regime of regulations, standards and guidelines is still in the process of being developed, and for which the roles and values of thresholds have yet to be finalised.

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Equity Dilemmas from Seabed Mining in the Pacific

What is currently hundreds of metres down below the ocean floor could soon be found in our electronics and on construction sites. The desire to explore the deep ocean for minerals, such as copper, cobalt, and manganese is not new, but only now are companies pushing for commercial-scale mining.

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The International Seabed Authority and the Precautionary Principle – Balancing Deep Seabed Mineral Mining and Marine Environmental Protection

With the transition to the commercial-scale exploitation of deep seabed minerals, the International Seabed Authority’s obligation to protect the marine environment is being tested. In The International Seabed Authority and the Precautionary Principle, Aline L. Jaeckel provides the first in-depth analysis of the Authority’s work in regulating and managing deep seabed minerals.

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