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Rethinking High Seas Fishing FreedomsHow High Seas Duties Are Catching Up

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W. Gullett and Q. Hanich. Rethinking High Seas Fishing Freedoms: How High Seas Duties are Catching Up, in K. Zou (ed) Global Commons and the Law of the Sea. Maritime Cooperation in East Asia, Volume 5. Brill Nijhoff. 2018. pp112-123.


The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (losc) established the
broad framework for the conduct of distant water fishing. It did this by estab-
lishing the legal regime for exploitation of fisheries resources in coastal States’
Exclusive Economic Zones (eez s) by foreign fishing vessels and by starting
to curb traditional high seas freedoms. Coastal States were accorded rights
to fisheries resources in the eez coupled with sustainable use obligations. In
some cases untrammelled high seas fishing freedoms do not commence imme-
diately seaward of the eez limit because of the link between eez and high seas
resources. The developing international regime recognises the need to have
effective management of straddling and migratory stocks, including anadro-
mous and catadromous stocks.

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