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Fisheries Jurisdiction under the Law of the Sea Convention: Rights and Obligations in Maritime Zones under the Sovereignty of Coastal States

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Q. Hanich. Book Review: Neinke Van Der Burgt, The Contribution of International Fisheries Law to Human Development: An Analysis of Multilateral and ACP-EU Fisheries Instruments. International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law. 2013.


International fisheries governance contains no specific provisions detailing States’ rights and obligations in respect of fisheries in maritime zones classified as falling under the sovereignty of coastal States, namely: internal waters, archipelagic waters and territorial seas. Using a case-study of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, this article demonstrates that there is still a gap in international fisheries governance relating to fisheries in ‘waters under sovereignty’ which requires remedying, and concludes by providing some possible management options to fill the gap.

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