Ocean Equity Research


Current Programs

Our programs develop new analysis, materials and curriculums to support the transition of ocean governance to a true ‘commons’ model, focused on food security and sustainable development. They study how we manage human interaction with our marine environment and develop innovative solutions to manage our activities and impacts. Our applied research and training engages with governments and stakeholders, addresses strategic challenges, analyses key problems, and creates and facilitates new solutions that deliver real outcomes with tangible impacts.

Fisheries Governance Program

The Fisheries Governance Program orients research towards supporting practical management and policy outcomes for fisheries on global, regional and national levels, engaging with coastal communities, government agencies, regional and international organisations, civil society organisations, academia and industry. 

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ANCORS Ocean Nexus Program

The Australian National Center for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) Ocean Nexus program is an interdisciplinary research program that addresses key challenges to achieving equitable outcomes in transboundary ocean conservation, governance and development. 

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Seabed Mining

The Seabed Mining Program focuses on the regulatory and governance framework for an emerging ocean industry: mining the deep seabed for minerals, such as copper and manganese. This emerging industry raises several equity questions, including who stands to benefit, who would shoulder the environmental, social, cultural, and economic burdens, and who gets a say in the decision-making around seabed mining. 

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