Ocean Equity Research

Genevieve Quirk


Genevieve Quirk is a PhD Candidate at ANCORS and recipient of the Global Challenges Scholarship. Genevieve advised on oceans governance in Vietnam, Australia, the EU and in Oceania. She joined the Australian delegation to the United Nations (UN) relating to SDG14 and BBNJ and the UN Fish Stocks Agreement. Genevieve is an Earth System Governance Research Fellow and Visiting Fellow of the East West Center and member of the Editorial Board of Marine Policy. Previously, she worked as a Lecturer at the University of Paris II and consulted to UNESCO. Genevieve’s research interests are in the equitable transformation of international governance to meet the challenges of the Anthropocene. She examines international and regional oceans governance architectures and the mechanisms for a transition to just and resilient governance. Genevieve’s research examines the connection between governance architectures and the diplomatic agency of Pacific large oceans states.