Ocean Equity Research

Camille Goodman



Dr Camille Goodman is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Postgraduate Studies at ANCORS, and a Visiting Fellow at the ANU College of Law. Camille is an international lawyer specialising in the law of the sea and international fisheries law, with a strong background in public policy and significant experience as a government legal adviser.

From 2005 to 2020, Camille worked at the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, primarily in the Office of International Law, providing legal and policy advice to the Australian Government. She has been the Australian Government legal adviser at international meetings, managed international litigation before international courts and tribunals, and engaged in a wide range of treaty negotiations, policy development and legal advice work.

Camille’s academic research focuses on interpreting, applying and developing the law of the sea to address contemporary challenges, particularly in relation to international fisheries law, marine environmental law, climate change and dispute settlement.

Camille loves the endless possibilities of the ocean as both a physical and figurative space which connects all living things and is a constant source of new questions, answers, and opportunities.