Ocean Equity Research

Adam Ziyad


Adam Ziyad is currently undertaking a Doctoral Degree at ANCORS focussed on the governance of the Indian Ocean tuna fishery. He has worked for more than 17 years at the Ministry of Fisheries of the Maldives and was most recently the Director General for Fisheries before starting the PhD at ANCORS.

Ziyad has extensive experience in Indian Ocean tuna fisheries and has been the Vice Chair of the IOTC and the Commissioner from the Maldives to the IOTC since 2018. He has been actively involved in the allocation negotiations currently underway in the IOTC and the formulation of other key CMMs of the Commission. Apart from the IOTC, Ziyad has also represented the Maldives in meetings of the FAO, Bay of Bengal Programme – IGO, and the Infofish, and has been involved in the negotiations of the trade agreements between the Maldives and other parties.

Ziyad has a master’s degree in Coastal and Marine Resource Management.